The philosophy of Philz Coffee in the Bay Area

I have heard and read about Philz in a while and in some ways I agree with his philosophy that with a right mix of things a greater outcome can occur.

Today I stopped by the San Jose State branch of expanding empire of Philz and now believe I truly see the respect that the owner gives to his coffee. The experience I had there was unlike the ones I had at other coffeehouses so far. Sure there are many that brew one cup at a time (e.g. For a unique machine you might want to stop by a selected few of the Starbucks which has the Clover machine. Then there are the infamous siphon/vacuum brewers. But what takes more time than a cup of Vietnamese phin brewed coffee besides cold brewing. Philz like Blue Bottle or Pete’s uses filter drip.), but they are truly a full service bar. This was the only time I was asked if the coffee was to my liking. However the care goes beyond the blends and brews, it goes all the way to the cup. So what is so special about a cup?

Like Ruffles the cup has ridges. I do not believe it is the first but, it is the first I have seen at a coffeehouse. So what is special about these ridges? Well like what Steve Job’s dad said, to truly care about and take pride in what we do, it is not about doing things that people notice but do not notice, as well. The ridges in my opinion are really innovative because they offer three functions. First it acts a sleeve to prevent the temperature of the coffee effecting the hand. Next it provides extra rigidity to the paper cup. But the most important feature to me, is that help keep the temperature of the coffee.

Thanks Phil for your enthusiasm!

Please pheel free to let me know what you think.


One Response to “The philosophy of Philz Coffee in the Bay Area”

  1. Anastasia Says:

    My husband LOVES Philz… I don’t get the full-service sugar or cream though – we saw a painful process where this girl sent her boyfriend to the counter 4 times to add sugar…

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