Fruitless fruit.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Recently my family did the traditional trek to find some good oranges for the Chinese New Year. This year we got lucky and found the following brand we bought at Luckys several years back. And Luckys for reason is still not carrying it again this year. I guess they do not value their Chinese customers.


As you can see we buy a lot of oranges and this brand has special meaning during the Chinese New Years. However after eating several of these sweet delicious oranges, I noticed that they are seedless. They are in a sense a bunch of fruitless fruits. How do they grow and farm these fruits? What happens if something wipes them out, how does one try and rebreed this? It also makes me wonder if I am a fruitless fruit if I do not have children myself. Did Luckys take this into consideration, when making the decision not to carry this item? This is still a really good orange and I recommend it to anyone not too wrapped up in this conundrum.

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