Sala Thai

Sala Thai #1
39170 State St
(between Beacon Ave & Capitol Ave)
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 792-0770

Sala Thai #2
44800 S Grimmer Blvd
(between Fremont Blvd & E Warren Ave)
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 445-0088

Maybe I should have went on a weekday but me and my friends decided on going to Sala Thai #1, since it has a pretty good ranking on and it has won best Thai in 2005. We had two curries, two bowls of rice, and one Pad See Eiw, but we did not share. The bill came up to be about $31 before tips, but that is normal for around here.

Since I had the Pad See Eiw, this is what formed my opinion of this restaurant. The service is better than “Banh Thai Restaurant”, but I still felt a little rushed. It seemed the waiter wanted me to order, finish, and get out quickly, because he kept prompting me to go to the next stage of dining before I was ready.

It is pretty hard for me to finish the Pad See Eiw, because I felt the chicken was a bit over cooked and dry. The dish was also lacking the flavor of the wok (me being Chinese), and was spice less. This is unusual for Thai, since they are know for their spicy flavor. I hope that is was an assumption more than the norm for them. Either way I am not fan so far, because I have had better elsewhere such as Tuk Tuk Thai in Berkeley. The portions were sufficient for an individual, but it seems to be half as much as I am used to from other Thai restaurants.

I can not say that this is a bad restaurant, but I believe there are better choices for me around this area.




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